History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

We are proud to share our history of Hancock Funeral Home which began on January 7, 1965, when Dan L. Moody and Ruby Gillispie Moody opened Moody Funeral Home in Fort Meade, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Moody purchased the Yearwood family residence located at the corner of East Broadway and North Washington Avenue in Fort Meade, FL. The home originally was built around 1910 as a three story residence, which is pictured here,  and in the early 1920's the second and third floors burned and the home was rebuilt as a two story home. Dan Moody began renovations on the home in the mid-1960's and after officially opening in 1965 he spanned his career for over 30 years until 1995 in Moody Funeral Home.  The Hancock family, after being longtime, close family friends of the Moody's, knew of this hometown personalization and wanted to build upon this long era of service upon their purchase, and re-opening of the business in 2006. 

In August, 2006 the Hancock family purchased the funeral home. Upon one month of renovations, the business re-opened September 29, 2006 as Hancock Funeral Home. After the Hancock family purchase, the funeral home made a quick recovery, and has been returned to its roots of which it was founded. 

The Hancock family has deep roots in the Fort Meade community. Allen started in the funeral industry at a young age, working with the Wells Funeral Home in Plant City and then, the former Bevis and Seidel Funeral Homes in Fort Meade along with assisting Dan Moody with the start of his business in 1965. Allen later went on to work and retire from Publix Supermarkets working in their corporate offices over 20 years, while continually working with Dan Moody at Moody Funeral Home in his spare time. Allen is the son of George and Evelyn Forsyth Hancock, who came to Fort Meade in the early 1940's from the Plant City area. George retired from Swift & Co./Estech after 40 years of service, while Evelyn retired from a long tenure of over 30 years with the Polk County School Board as the cafeteria manager of Fort Meade High School. 

Marjorie Hancock is the daughter of Charles C. and Lucille Truluck Flood. Marjorie's grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Luke B. Flood came to Fort Meade from Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland in 1886 on the very first passenger train to enter Fort Meade. Charlie Flood, Marjorie's father was a well known and established citrus grower and one of the founding members of the Peace River Packing Company in Fort Meade. Lucille Truluck Flood managed the family home and took care of the daily activities of the family estate. 

As family friends through many years, the Moody's and the Hancock's remained close. When Allen and Marjorie's son Chuck turned 16 years of age in 1986, he began working with Dan Moody, to learn the funeral profession. Thirty plus years later after his beginning with Mr. Moody,  Chuck now holds the title of Funeral Director In Charge of the funeral home, while Allen works by his side and also takes care of public relations. Marjorie is the book manager for the business and Russell works as the marketing director and assists in the family business. Each member of the Hancock family takes their own separate roles to help make the business a success. 

Upon their purchase of the business to operate as Hancock Funeral Home, the Hancock family added a very important addition, not only to the business, but to their family, Mr. Harold Lamb. Mr. Lamb was one of the longest standing funeral directors of Polk County, Florida, and was a native and lifelong resident of Lakeland. Harold was a WW II, U.S. Navy Veteran, serving on the Navy ship, USS Kidd. Mr. Lamb holds several U.S. Naval service awards, including being a recipient of the Purple Heart at the age of 16 for his wartime duties of World War II. Harold served as the Funeral Director In Charge of Hancock Funeral Home from Sept. 2006 to Oct. 2015, and brought his many years of experience and personal compassion to the business. Mr. Harold Lamb passed away at the working age of 87 on January 12, 2016 and was at the time of his death, the oldest active funeral director in Polk County, FL.

The Hancock family and staff offer their years of combined service, which total over 125 years, to serve the Fort Meade community and surrounding areas, and to bring comfort and help to the families they serve. 

Our Valued Staff

Chuck  Hancock

Chuck Hancock, Owner/Funeral Director In Charge

Charles A. (Chuck) Hancock is a lifelong resident of Fort Meade. Chuck is the Funeral Director in Charge of Hancock Funeral Home, and has served the Fort Meade community in funeral service for nearly 25 years. He began his funeral service career with our predecessor, Dan L. Moody, in 1986 at the young age of 16. Chuck is a 1988 graduate of Fort Meade High School, attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, and a graduate of American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York, NY. Chuck is a known and accomplished pianist, and also serves the community as the pianist and music director of the First United Methodist Church of Fort Meade. Chuck also serves on the City of Fort Meade Evergreen Cemetery Advisory Council, and is a member of the Fort Meade Historical Society.

Allen  Hancock

Allen Hancock, Owner/Public Relations Manager/Pre-Need Counselor

W. Allen Hancock is a lifelong resident of Fort Meade, and a 1960 graduate of Fort Meade High School. Allen began his funeral service career in 1958 at Bevis Funeral Home in Fort Meade and worked with the Bevis Funeral Home and Seidel Funeral Home. He continued working part time with Dan L. Moody at Moody Funeral Home while continuing his career with Publix Supermarkets, and retiring from Publix in 1993, as Equipment Coordinator and purchaser for Florida and Georgia. He is a U.S. Army veteran, and has a commitment to the city of Fort Meade, as he has served as Commander of Fort Meade American Legion Post 23 for over 20 years; serves on the Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce; serves on the board of the Fort Meade Historical Society, and also the senior board member of Christ Episcopal Church in Fort Meade. Allen has had a lifetime full of funeral service experience and enjoys serving the community of Fort Meade when the services of Hancock Funeral Home are needed.

Marjorie Flood Hancock

Marjorie Flood Hancock, Owner/Accounts Manager

Marjorie (Margie) Flood Hancock, is a lifelong Fort Meade resident, and the daughter of Charles C. and Lucille (Truluck) Flood. She is also the grand-daughter of Luke B. and Alicia Flood, pioneer residents of Fort Meade. Margie is a 1962 graduate of Fort Meade High School and a graduate of Florida Southern College in Lakeland. She is the accounts manager for Hancock Funeral Home, and the organist of Christ Episcopal Church in Fort Meade.

Russell  Hancock

Russell Hancock, Owner/Media and Marketing Manager

Russell Hancock, a lifelong Fort Meade resident, is the youngest son of Allen and Margie Hancock. Russell graduated Fort Meade High School in 1994, and he is also a graduate of Florida Southern College in Lakeland with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Communications. He is a member of Christ Episcopal Church, where he is very active. Russell provides a vast knowledge in computer and media knowledge for our firm.

Jordan Whatley

Jordan Whatley, Staff

Jordan Ray Whatley is a 7th generation Floridian, 4th generation Fort Meade resident, and a member of the Hancock family of Fort Meade. Jordan is the son of Laura Acuff Passanesi, grandson of Ray and Joyce Hancock Acuff, and great-grandson of Clifford and Essie Hancock. He is a member of the Fort Meade Fire Dept., where he recently received the Fire Fighter of the Year award, a U.S. Army veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, a recipient of the Purple Heart Award for his bravery and service to our country, and he is presently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves. Jordan is very active within Fort Meade's community, including the Fort Meade Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce, Fort Meade Fire Department and many other civic organizations.

Ed Flood

Ed Flood, Staff

Ed Flood is a lifelong Polk County resident. Being the great-grandson of Luke B. and Alicia Flood, pioneer residents of Fort Meade, he knows the people of our city. Ed and his wife, Carolyn (Waters) Flood, are members of the First Baptist Church of Fort Meade, and they have two children, Eddie and Michael, and several grandchildren. Ed is also retired from the accounting department of the Polk County School Board.

Mike Woods

Mike Woods, Staff

Michael S. Woods is a 1976 graduate of Fort Meade High School. After high school, Mike spent 22 years serving in the United States Air Force with the Office of Special Investigations. Retiring in 1999, he then served 12 years with the Fort Meade Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Mike is currently an active Deacon and member of the First Baptist Church of Fort Meade, and an adjunct professor at South Florida State College. He has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's degree in Communication. Mike is married to Cynthia Lamb Woods and has two adult children, Dustin who lives in Lake Placid, FL, and Derek who lives in Pensacola, FL.

Dan and Ruby Moody

Dan and Ruby Moody, Founders, Moody Funeral Home, 1965

Dan L. Moody and Ruby Gillispie Moody, founders of Moody Funeral Home, spent nearly a lifetime establishing the funeral home that we are now, which opened Jan. 7, 1965 as Moody Funeral Home. Moody Funeral Home remained until Sept. 29, 2006, when the name changed to Hancock Funeral Home. Dan passed away in July of 2008, and Ruby remains very active in local church and community activities. Dan L. Moody and Ruby G. Moody are well known and remembered for their caring funeral service to the City of Fort Meade and surrounding cities for over 30 years.

Harold  Lamb

Harold Lamb, Funeral Director

As a member of our staff for many years, and also our adopted family member, Harold Lamb passed away January 12, 2016 at the age of 87. Harold was a long standing Polk County, FL funeral director, and currently, was the most senior, active funeral director of Polk County, FL. Harold was a U.S. Navy Veteran, serving on the USS Kidd, and was aboard its attack in the Battle of Okinawa during WWII, of which he received a purple heart at the age of 16 for his injuries. He was a lifelong resident of Lakeland, and enjoyed serving the city of Fort Meade and families that are served through Hancock Funeral Home, and the city of Lakeland where he also worked for many years at Gentry-Morrison Funeral Homes and Dukes-Steen Funeral Home. Harold's funeral services were held January 15, 2016 and he is interred in Oak Hill Burial Park, Lakeland, FL.